Rama wykorojnika EASYlocker

Kategoria: Maszyny Boxplan
Producent: Boxplan

Quicklocking chase for fast locking of cutting forms with variable board sizes

It is modification on an existing cutting chases with the EASYlocker-System, including 4 lock‘fix magnets. In future no more wasted time for locking the cutting die is neccessary. It ensure a fast and safety locking of cutting forms with variable board sizes – fitted for SP and SPO die cutters. With special clamping devises of rear and both side and equipped with our lock‘fix system  a fast and accurate locking of the of die board is assured. No expensive chaseloader required. Optional a set of 2 univeral balancing dies is available. Number and arrangement of balancing knives provides optimum balancing of preassure for all cutting dies.

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